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Sign Up Online for DSL or DSL + Phone
Serving Adrian, Blissfield, Hudson, Morenci, Tecumseh, Saline*, Dundee, Ida
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Step 1

Check Availability
Enter your address to the right and click the Check Availibility button. If your address falls within range of one of our "DSL Service Loops" you will then be prompted to continue to the next step of the sign up process.

Interested in Satellite TV?
Save even more by bundling Satellite TV with our DSL or DSL+Phone. After signing up online, a client service representative will follow up with a phone call. They can then go over the various options for available Dish Network™ and DIRECTV™ programming and packages.

What is a DSL Service Loop?
A DSL service loop extends from our local COs (Central Offices) up to 18,000 feet or 3.4 miles. Other factors such as outside and inside line condition can affect connection quality and speed.

* Telephone service is not available in Saline.