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Dial Up Internet with QuickConnect
Dependable. Quick. Use when you travel.
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TC3 is one of Michigan's largest and most experienced Internet Service Providers offering 56K dial-up service throughout the state. Enjoy highly reliable service, no busy signals, and the fastest speeds possible! Sign up today for as little as $10.95/month.

Quick Connect
Reduce the time it takes to make a connection by remembering the phone line characteristics and storing them for later usage. Typically, connection time takes 25 to 27 seconds. With a V.92 modem, Quick Connect will cut the connection time in half for most calls; a significant improvement!

Allows you to temporarily suspend your Internet session for up to 15 minutes and receive an incoming call! Not only can you receive an incoming call while on the Internet, but you can also initiate the command to suspend your Internet session, initiate a voice call, and then resume your Internet session when you are finished with the call.

PCM Upstream
Reduces upload times for large files and email attachments. A maximum of 48 Kbps upstream rate is supported! PCM Upstream will work particularly well with new equipment such as Internet-connected digital cameras, online gaming, Internet voice and video chat programs!

Dial Up Numbers