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Triple Play Bundle for DSL Internet Markets
Available in Adrian, Blissfield, Hudson, Morenci, Tecumseh, Dundee and Ida.
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Sign up online for DSL + Phone, then a client service representative will follow up with a phone call to go over the Satellite TV options.

Call and speak with a client service representative today!

$85.89/mo is promotional price for first 12 months of service. Bundle price requires successful installation of all bundled services. Prices do not include regulatory taxes & fees. Service not available in all areas.
Bundle Includes:
1st Year Promotional Price
Save $564.00 the 1st yr!
over standard/standalone prices
2nd Year Promotional Price
Save $384.00 the 2nd yr!
over standard/standalone prices
3rd Year Locked-in Price
Save $192.00 the 3rd yr!
over standard/standalone prices

Compare to your cable provider:
TC3 Cable
A dedicated hardline connection directly to our Fiber backbone. Your connection is never shared. Advanced technology and network management are the building blocks of the incredibly robust TC3 network. We are network engineers first.
Cable Internet is fast one minute and slow the next. You share your connection with your neighborhood so speeds depend on how much bandwidth your neighbors use.
TC3 OneRate Unlimited Telephone
A genuine copper based telephone service. Rest easy knowing you'll be able to make your calls when you need to.
Internet Based Phone
With an Internet based phone you'll lose your service everytime your cable Internet goes down.
Satellite TV
The most competitive pricing in the industry with a wealth of options from both DirecTV™ and Dish Network™. Both include free standard professional installation, no up front costs and no equipment to buy.
Cable TV
Limited programming packages and high price with outdated technology. The dynamic competition that drives innovation in the Satellite TV industry simply doesn't exist in the Cable business.