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TC3Net DSL Modem Assurance
Peace of mind protection for only $1.95/mo.
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No deductable!

Many clients would like to avoid a scenerio where they would have to pay out of pocket for a replacement equipment. The most common cause of failures is a power surge. This is why TC3Net offers DSL Modem Assurance coverage. Failed DSL modems sold by TC3Net will be replaced with no deductable for just $1.95 per Month.
Why would I have to pay for my modem if it fails?
Isn't it TC3Net's modem?

There are two equipment models in the communications industry. Many providers lease the modem to the client for a monthly fee of $7.00 to $10.00 in addition to the Internet bill. TC3Net uses the ownership model similar to the Cell phone industry. TC3Net often offers up front term completion credits good toward the cost of the modem similar to getting a discounted cell phone in exchange for signing up for a long term contract. This saves the client the excessive leasing fees which can add up to well over $120 per year. However, like with a cell phone, this means the modem is the client's property and if it fails then the client is responsible for replacement costs. DSL Modem Assurance protects clients from the unexpected cost of replacing a modem for only $1.95 per Month. We think it is a great value and urge all of our clients to consider opting in.

Opt In or Out of DSL Modem Assurance
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Opt in to Modem Assurance. I understand that $1.95 will be added to my Internet bill each month for a minimum of 12 consecutive Months and I agree to the TC3Net DSL Modem Assurance Terms and Conditions listed below.
Opt out of Modem Assurance. I will take responsibility for the cost of replacing my modem if it fails.

Client must check this box in order to opt out of Modem Assurance.
I understand that I own my DSL modem and that without Modem Assurance I am responsible for the cost of replacing my modem if it fails.

TC3 DSL Modem Assurance Terms and Conditions

Introduction: Maintenance Provisions: (3) Not Covered Under Plan: Maintenance service NOT COVERED by IWM includes, but is not limited to, the following: (4) Working Conditions: Customer shall provide safe and adequate working space, heat, light, ventilation, electric current and outlets for use by TC3TELECOM at no charge to TC3TELECOM. (5) Monthly Fee: $4.95. Customers may sign-up to begin coverage in thirty (30) days or immediately. (6) Change Notices:(7) Customer Requested Premise Work not covered in IWM:(8) Cancellation:(9) Warranties:(10) Limitation of Liability:(11) Indemnification: