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Wireless Modem Assurance Terms and Conditions

To be eligible for TC3 Wireless Modem Assurance, Client must be a subscriber to TC3's Wireless service. Client's TC3 account must be current and in good standing. Damage caused by Acts of God are covered including but not limited to lightning strikes, power surges, wind, rain and hail. Equipment that fails before day thirty following the opt in date of WMA is not eligible for a WMA claim. Program only covers equipment that TC3 has sold to the client. At onset of service issue, Client must call TC3 and perform any action as directed by TC3 Tech Support to determine if any equipment is faulty. Failure to call Tech support or to follow the directions could result in a claim being refused. Replacement equipment will be of similar design and specification as original. TC3 will determine what is a similar design and specification. If the client requests a different installation, full retail prices for any modifications will be charged to the client. TC3 will give priority to the replacement installation over new installs, however, appointments could be as long as seven (7) days to effect repairs. Client radio will be configured the same as the orginal radio. Any alteration or configuration change requested by the Client could carry potentional service charges. If TC3 is of the opinion that the client is acting in a fraudulent manner, TC3 reserves the right to refuse a claim. TC3 cannot be held responsible for any delay of replacement due to postage, and or, supplier delays that may occur. No paid portion of this program is available for refund should the account be canceled. Cable that is trenched and buried by a TC3 field technician and is damaged due to an Act of God is covered. Cable that is trenched and buried by the Client is not covered. Radio, standard cable run installed by a TC3 technician and POE power supply are covered.