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DSL Modem Assurance Terms and Conditions

If you add the Modem Assurance service, the service will have to remain on your account for at least a term of one year. A claim can not be made within the first thirty days after MA has been added. Any equipment that fails before the thirty day period following the opt in date of MA is not eligible for a MA claim. To use the TC3 DSL Modem Assurance, you need to be a subscriber to TC3's DSL service. New DSL Modem will be shipped within 48 hours from determination of defectiveness. Your account must be current and in good standing. TC3 DSL Modem Assurance coverage is only available for TC3 issued modems. No coverage is available for third party modems. Program only covers modems that TC3 has sold to the client. Cisco modems / routers are not covered by the program. To submit a claim, the User must contact TC3 Tech Support at 517-265-7872 Option 1. The user is required to perform any action as directed by TC3 Tech Support to determine if a DSL Modem is faulty. Failure to call Tech support or to follow the directions could result in a claim being refused. The replacement will be a DSL Modem of similar design and specification if the exact model is no longer in available. TC3 will determine what is a similar design and specification. If the client wants a different make and model of modem, full retail price for that modem will be charged. Any installation costs of the replacement DSL Modem will be the responsibility of the computer owner. TC3 will ship a replacement modem with a prepaid return shipping label. The customer's TC3 account will be invoiced for the cost of the replacement DSL Modem. The charge will be reversed only when the defective modem has been returned. Unless otherwise arranged, the installation of the replacement modem is the responsibility of the client. Should the client ask for a TC3 representative to perform the installation, costs for this would be the clients responsibility. Client modem will be configured the same as the defective modem was. Any alteration or configuration modification request could carry a service charge. If TC3 is of the opinion that the client is acting in a fraudulent manner, TC3 may refuse to replace the DSL Modem. TC3 can not be held responsible in any delay of replacement due to postage, and or, supplier delays that may be incurred. No refund for any paid portion of this program is available for refund should the account be canceled.